Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sea Life

This past week I made custom fish bowls with the same boys(6 and 2). I went to Dollar Tree(You will find that I go here a lot for crafts!) and I got two medium sized glass bowls that looked like fish bowls to me. I also got a pack of sea creatures that when placed in water will grow, I had to go to target to get the markers that write on glass. First I had the boys decorate their bowls (the 6 year old wanted to leave his bowl plain, but enjoyed helping decorate his brothers bowl). The two year old got a kick out of 1. being able to use a marker, and 2. being able to color on something other than paper. After the bowls were decorated the 6 year old filled both bowls about halfway with water, and they each picked their own sea creature to grow. It takes about 24 hours for the sea creature to grow, so I am not actually sure how big they got. Maybe they will still be around next week when I babysit again.

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