Sunday, February 24, 2013

My name is Katie Grogan. I have been babysitting for six years now, and it is the love of my life. I officially started babysitting when I was fourteen. And for those of you who can't do math, that means I am twenty years old. I have gained my passion for working with kids from my mom who opened an at home daycare after I was born. I have grown up with babies and toddlers in my house for my whole life, and I have loved every day of it. Now, because of this passion I have for children, I am studying early childhood education in hopes to be a Kindergarten teacher. I am currently a sophomore at Francis Marion University(Two more years to go!)

When parents hire a babysitter, they expect to get someone who will stay with their kids to make sure no one hurts themselves or sets fire to the house. Some of the tasks parents expect babysitters to perform may include:

  • Cook dinner/fix a snack
  • Put on a movie
  • Get kids ready for bed (bathe, brush teeth, put on PJ's, etc.)
  • Put them to sleep
When a parent hires me they get that, plus more! I am a very interactive babysitter. I like to make sure that the kids are having more fun than their parents are on their date night. I am known for my babysitters bag that I bring whenever I babysit. Thanks to my mom, I have an endless supply of craft supplies and games to fill my bag with. Each time I babysit I like to bring different activities geared towards the interests of the specific kids I am watching (I don't like to bring the same things every time).

I figured I would share with the world some of the activities that I do with "my kids" and to give other babysitters like me some ideas that you could use with your kids. Since these are not my kids, I am going to keep the children anonymous by only posting pictures of the activity, not the children. Enjoy! 

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